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Welcome, Faculty and Staff!

Did you know . . .

Students who work part time on campus are more likely to have a higher GPA! Students who work are more organized and can prioritize their responsibilities better. A part-time job can also help with the financial investment of their education. What better way to help students gain skills and pay for their education than by working a part-time job during their college career! 

As an IUPUI faculty or staff member, you play a vital role in improving the future employability of students by offering them part-time positions during their college careers as well as guiding them in their career development through their classroom experiences.

What We Do

The Office of Student Employment helps students during their college life by training them on career-related topics, developing and refining their resumes and cover letters for a part-time job search, and assisting them in exploring part-time positions.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can become involved with our office to better serve the needs of students.

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Summer Work Initiative

The IUPUI Summer Work Initiative is a program to help departments offset the cost of hiring an undergraduate student employee during the summer months to increase summer enrollment. For more information, please visit our Work Initiative page!

In-Class Presentations

A student employment staff member will come to your staff meeting or your classroom. We can build custom presentations for your students or your team, provide an overview of our office services, or present an in-depth workshop of your choice!

Visit the Request a Presentation page from the menu to the left to get started!