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Students participating in the IUPUI work-study program must adhere to the guidelines below:

Work-study award limit and earnings 
  • I will monitor my work-study earnings/award balance on OneStart and alert my supervisor when I have less than $500 remaining.
  • I understand that if changes are made to my enrollment or my financial aid package, my work-study award may be reduced. I will alert my supervisor of changes in my work-study limit.

Work hours and time system

  • I will NOT work more than 29 hours per week. If working in multiple campus jobs (paid through IU), I understand I may work up to a combined total of 29 hours per week (e.g., 10 hours for job 1 and 19 hours for job 2).
  • I understand that work-study is to assist me in my educational pursuits, and I will not allow my work-study job to interfere with my classes or academic progress.
  • I will not work or schedule myself to work during scheduled course times.
  • I will inform my supervisor in writing within 24 hours of any corrections that need to be made to my online time sheet (TIME). I understand that falsification of hours results in immediate job termination and will prevent me from working at any IU campus in the future.

Communication expectations and supervision

  • I understand that, as a work-study student, I am not permitted to work from home or supervise other student employees.
  • I will contact an Office of Student Financial Services representative to discuss any pending scholarships that may affect my award eligibility.
  • I will work together with my supervisor to determine scheduling needs and work-study award usage.

To view the policies for on-campus employers, please visit our Employers Work-Study Guidelines page.