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Work-Study Authorization Forms for Positions on Campus

Work-Study Award Verification

If you wish to use Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program funds toward a part-time position, please submit your financial aid notification (FAN) letter to your employer before the interview or after being offered the position. You can learn how to print your FAN page as verification by using this print your financial aid notification tutorial.

Connecting Your FWS Funds to a Part-Time Position

The first step to connect your FWS funds to a part-time position is understanding when and where you should submit the appropriate information. The formal request to connect FWS funds to a part-time position is called an online FWS authorization form.

You can find your online FWS authorization form by visiting JagJobs.org, clicking on Profile, and then clicking on IUPUI Work-Study. Please note that you must receive a job offer before submitting your online FWS authorization form, and the part-time position should be on campus or at an approved community work-study agency. Below are the situations when a new online FWS authorization form should be submitted:

  • A new academic term (typically submitted in August for the academic year or in May for a summer term)
  • A new position that has not been connected to FWS funds yet
  • A second or third position

Want to use your work-study award, but don't have a job yet?

Our office does not place students in positions. You will need to secure a part-time position offer with an on-campus office or department or at an approved IUPUI community work-study agency before you can use your funds. Using the IUPUI JagJobs student job database is the best way to find part-time positions for the IUPUI work-study program. Once you are ready to start searching, you can click Job Postings; within the search engine, you can select the IUPUI Work-Study Approved category.

Once you have been offered a part-time position, please submit a request to connect your IUPUI work-study funds to that position for summer 2017 via the IUPUI Work-Study page within JagJobs.

Already found a job where you can use your work-study award?

If you are a student with an active FWS award and you have been offered a position for the current term, you can connect your work-study funds via the new JagJobs database! Once you submit your portion of the form, it will be forwarded to the supervisor that you listed on the form. Email notifications will be sent to the supervisor upon completion of your portion of the form. Both a supervisor and payroll officer will need to approve your request before we can connect your work-study funds.

Please read over the program policies very carefully before you submit. It contains important information about federal regulations and your responsibility as a work-study student. If you have any questions about the online agreement, please email fwsjobs@iupui.edu.

Submitting Your Online FWS Authorization Form

Once you are logged in to the JagJobs site, you can find your IUPUI work-study access within your main profile drop-down menu. If you do not see the IUPUI Work-Study page, email fwsjobs@iupui.edu so the access can be added manually for you. For full step-by-step instructions on how to submit your online FWS authorization form, please see our How to Connect IUPUI Work-Study Funds Guide for Students.

FWS Award Increase Requests

If you are interested in a FWS award increase, please note the Office of Student Financial Services will only review and honor requests for students who: 

  • Have worked at least one month in their positions
  • Have unmet financial need as seen on their financial aid packages

Please remember that increases are not guaranteed. All requests will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine if the student is eligible for an award increase.

Information requested:
Student info: Student name, student ID, and IUPUI email address
Job info: Department name, supervisor’s email address, average hours per week student currently works, hourly pay rate, number of weeks student plans to work from the date of this form submission, and requested increase amount

Please note there are 36 weeks total in the academic year (including winter and spring breaks).

Students and departments will be notified via email if an increase has been given within three to five business days upon receiving the request. Please gather ALL information requested on the form below before attempting to submit (all fields are mandatory).

Click here to submit a FWS award increase request for the 2016–2017 academic year. If you have questions about your form submission, please email fwsjobs@iupui.edu.