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Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for knowing and using the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct while working on or off campus. Please review the information at the links below before you begin working.

Student Rights

The right to freedom from discrimination and harassment, as well as rights as university employees, are just a few things that are contained in the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.

Part II outlines specific responsibilities that students are expected to review, understand, and abide by as members of the university, either as an employee or as a student. Main areas of responsibility pertain to academic and on- and off-campus misconduct. Disciplinary procedures and forms can also be found in this section.

After reviewing these responsibilities, please send any questions to the student advocate. If you are struggling with educational or personal issues, please consider speaking with the student advocate, who can provide you with resources and assistance.

IUPUI Academic and Temporary Policies

As students and employees, there are many policies that apply to you. The first link below covers academic-based policies regarding the bursar, registrar, financial services, and miscellaneous policies for technology, course withdrawal, and tobacco use around campus.

For students who are active employees of the university, please also review the temporary employee policies located at the link below.  

Some specific rules we want you to know about include the policies below:

Hourly Limits

  • All temporary employees must not work more than 116 hours over two bi-weekly pay periods (or four weeks). This averages out to working no more than 29 hours per week.
  • Some departments may have a weekly limit of less than 29 hours per week. If so, it is policy to default to the departmental weekly hourly limit.
  • If you are working in more than one position with the university, BOTH positions are totaled in the 116 maximum requirement (e.g., if Jenna works for the Office of Student Employment 90 hours over two bi-weekly pay periods (or four weeks) and wants to also work in the Testing Lab, she cannot exceed 26 hours at the lab in that same four-week period). 

Attendance and Reporting Absences

  • In emergency situations, absences may be excused as long as you follow the proper procedures for reporting—whether it be contacting your supervisor directly, e-mailing, or calling a front desk number. Be sure you know what the procedures are for reporting emergency absences, just in case.
  • Unexcused absences, which defines any absence you are not given permission to have, is subject to disciplinary action and even termination.

Grievance Process

Unfortunately, in some positions you may experience problems in the workplace. Whether it be with a colleague or supervisor, it is always in everyone’s best interest to attempt to work out a solution between the parties involved.

Make an appointment to meet with a student employment consultant to outline the situation, problem, and attempted resolution (if any). The consultant will cover a variety of questions to ensure he or she has all the necessary information to proceed with resources, guidance, or further action. Depending on the severity of the problem, the consultant may recommend further action. Regardless of the steps taken, you will be kept in the loop on the process and outcome. Even if you do not want an investigation to occur, at this point we will keep information documented in case other student employees come forward with similar issues. This can seem like a scary process to undertake, but we are here to ensure fair and equal treatment.

To meet with a consultant to discuss any temporary employee policy or issue, please make an appointment and select the reason code: Student Employment Issue/Concern.

Sexual Harassment

Harassment on the basis of sex is a violation of federal and state law. Indiana University does not tolerate sexual harassment of its faculty, staff, or students. For detailed information, please see the Office of Equal Opportunity website.

If you have any questions about your rights or campus policies for students and temporary employees, please make an appointment and select reason code: Student Employment Issue/Concern.