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International Student Support

As international students, there are many resources you can take advantage of to help you transition successfully to campus life. Two useful resources are the Office of Student Employment and the Office of International Affairs. Please see the list below to understand what each office does.

Office of Student Employment

Office of International Affairs

Helps students to identify their motivations for working; although working does have the benefit of being able to get a Social Security card, this cannot be the only motivation to finding a job. Helps you understand your visa status and your work eligibility while you are a student at IUPUI.
Develops a plan and tracking process for searching and applying for opportunities. Explains how to complete the hiring paperwork, like a background check or an I-9 form for tax purposes.
Assists with the part-time job search process on campus. Supports you in acclimating to the campus and offers mentoring relationships to help you succeed.
Offers support to develop part-time application materials to apply for openings. Can check to see if you are eligible for a specific position.
Identifies various ways you can develop skills outside of the employment realm. Assists in scholar services, planning your move, and orienting and advising you through the transition.

Questions about your visa status?

For students who are unsure what their visa status means in regard to whether they can work on campus, please review the requirements on the Office of International Affairs website.

Questions about work-study?

Work-study is a federal award provided to students who are eligible to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and who have a low expected family contribution. Students who are given an award can search and apply for work-study-eligible positions. If you do not qualify for federal aid, you are not eligible to use Federal Work-Study Program funds.

If you would like assistance in getting started with the employment process or searching and applying for opportunities, please make an appointment and select Part-Time Job Search Strategies.