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Resigning from a Position

Provide written notice of your resignation at least two weeks in advance (see resignation letter template). While you should provide a letter of resignation, submit it in person instead of e-mailing it to keep up your professional relationship. If you are experiencing challenges with conflict resolution in the workplace, you should make an appointment with a student employment consultant to discuss options for resolution before submitting a letter of resignation.

The way you resign from a position does matter!

As discussed in the References and Recommendation Letters section of this website, you will need to provide references from past employment. If you resign from a position professionally, your previous employer may be more willing to be a future reference. Consider offering to help train your replacement in order to keep a good relationship with your organization. 

There may be some jobs that you do not leave on good terms. Although it is much easier to just quit without notice, it is not a professional practice and will make future positions that much more difficult to find without a good reference from your previous employer.

Searching for a new job? 

It is acceptable to search for new employment options while still employed. There are many reasons you would search for new employment. If you are still working and have found a new position, you will be required to resign professionally.

Job termination is when you are dismissed from your position for adverse reasons. Hourly employees are employed at the sole discretion of the employing department and may be released from employment at any time without cause. The Human Resources Administration’s website has extensive information about hourly employee policies available for review.

Termination (Involuntary Separation)

No notice period is required when the university separates an hourly employee from employment. If the separation is performance related, there is likely to be a flag in your record that reflects the reason for termination (e.g., attendance, misconduct, unsatisfactory performance). If the reason for termination is determined to be a serious violation of a university policy (e.g., theft, sexual harassment, falsification of time sheet), then your record will be permanently flagged, and you will not be eligible for rehire at Indiana University in the future. You will be notified by IUPUI's Human Resource Administration if your employment record has been flagged. For more resources, please visit HRA Personnel Policies for Hourly Employees.

Not Eligible for Rehire:

The termination reasons listed below cause flags in the system that will keep you from being able to work for IUPUI or an affiliate ever again:
  • Falsification (This applies to the falsification of hours worked on a time sheet or falsification of conviction information on the background check submitted as part of your application for employment at IU.)
  • Gross Misconduct
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace Violence


Have termination or resignation concerns? Make an appointment with us and check the reason code: Consultation.