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I've heard that it's hard to find a job on campus. Be honest, is it?

Part-time opportunities on campus are competitive.  We understand that you are a student first and work around classes while providing unique opportunities to assist you in developing as a professional but we also expect a lot from our student employees.  Start your search and applications early, utilize your network on campus and ALL services that the Office of Student Employment offer to increase your chances for landing a job on campus. 

How many hours am I allowed to work?

If you are working on campus the hourly limit is 29 hours per week; some departments have a limit of less than 27; confirm the hourly requirements with the department.

How should I begin my search?

Will your office place me in a position?

IUPUI and the Office of Student Employment treat the job search process as a learning experience; we do not place you in positions but will work with you through the search and application processes.

What kind of on-campus jobs are there?

Over 255 on campus jobs have been posted since last year.
There are jobs in areas such as clerical/administrative, research, event planning/management, internhsips. tutoring/mentoring, daycare, service/retail, technology services, temporary positions/special projects, and many more!

What is work-study?

Work-study is an award provided to eligible students, regulated by the Office of Student Financial Services, to offset the cost of attendance at IUPUI. If you are awarded work-study you arestill required to search and apply for work-study eligible positions. Once you are hired into a work-study position you can begin earning your award at an hourly rate, where paychecks are earned bi-weekly.

When should I start looking for jobs?

This depends, but always start early. 

Incoming Freshman:  If you want to start working early in the fall semester; you should start looking in early July!  Want to hold off a semester and start in the spring?  Begin looking mid fall semester for opportunities.  Looking for summer opportunities, try starting your search in February.

Continuing students:  Start looking for summer and fall opportunities in the spring semester; positions become available as early as February.  Continue your fall search through July/August.  If you want to start in the spring, start your search mid fall semester.

When I have a work-study job does my paycheck pay my tuition?

Money you earn through your work-study position is either provided as direct deposit to a designated bank account or will be put onto a visa pay card that can be used to withdraw the funds. The funding does not automatically go towards an unpaid bursar balance.

What is the Experience in Professionalism Program?

This one credit hour course is designed to assist in preparing students for professionalism in the workplace.  Topics range from networking, job searching, to managing your online image and communication in the workplace.  Students will network with on and off campus constituents and learn how to market their transferable skills in a variety of situations.

What should I wear?

If you’re not told what to wear or unsure of what to wear, whether it’s to an interview, orientation, or training, you should always dress nice.  It’s better to be overdressed rather than underdressed.  If you’re looking professional that lets the employers know that you’re serious about the job and you took the time to look nice for it.   

What services do you offer for students who are looking for a part-time job?

Students can set an appointment or come in during our drop-in hours to receive assistance in the following areas related to part-time employment:

  • Job search assistance
  • Resume and cover letter development/assistance
  • Interview prep
  • Networking assistance
  • Work-study questions


Are there policies that I need to be aware of while working for the university?

Yes there are policies governed by Indiana University that temporary “hourly” employees should be made aware of.  If your supervisor does not provide this content for you please utilize this link to review policies & procedures you are required to follow. 

Who can participate in EIP?

This program is designed for undergraduate students at IUPUI.  If you are not an undergraduate student but wish to participate, please contact future@iupui.edu to see if an exception can be made on your behalf.

I've got an interview! Now what?

That's great!  If you think you need help or need some pointers on interviewing come into the Student Employment Office and setup a mock interview with an adviser.

Should I send a than you letter?

YES.  Thank you letters are very important and employers even sometimes will change their minds on interviewees that don’t send a thank you letter.  Thank you letters let the employer know that you appreciated their time and that you are still very interested in the job. 

What is required in order to complete the EIP program?

To complete the requirements to earn a certificate a student must:

  • Submit a Resume, Cover letter and LinkedIn Profile Page
  • Attend 8 total online/in person workshops
  • Complete a coat of arms worksheet
  • Fill out end of the program evaluation

What if I need assistance looking and applying for full-time positions?

Our office specializes in assisting students in the realm of college work experiences. If you are searching for a full time opportunity please utilize your school’s career services, a full list of these offices and contacts can be found here: http://www.iupui.edu/career/inventory/

What if I just have a general question?

If you just have a simple question, or would like some more information about the services we offer, you can always give our front desk a call at (317) 274-4856, or send us an email at future@iupui.edu.

I was terminated from my position and my record has a flag. What does that mean?

A flag is when you have been terminated from a position for adverse reasons.

Hirable Flags include attendance, misconduct, and unsatisfactory performance.  If given one of these 3 flags, you will still be eligible for rehire. 

Not eligible for rehire flags within IU ever in the future include falsification, gross misconduct, sexual harassment and workplace violence.  

What if I don't have any work experience?

That’s okay!  Without any work experience you may not get your dream job but you can start out with a small job so that you can build your experience.  Even the smallest jobs can create great transferrable skills that you can use in the future.

When applying for a job without any experience, make sure to include in your application/resume some things that you’re good at.  Whether it be speaking, computer skills, math skills, etc. those skills will still look good to an employer that might be looking to fill a simple position quickly.  Your first job is not going to be glamorous, no one’s first job is.  But that’s where you start out and work yourself up to where you want to be.


Remember, the Office of Student Employment can help inexperienced students develop their job applications/resumes!

What can I expect at orientation?

Orientation usually consists of a tour of the workplace, filling out tax papers, meeting your co-workers and just getting an introduction of the place you will be working in. 

Where is the Office of Student Employment located?

Our office is located on the 3rd floor of Taylor Hall. Our phone number is (317) 274-4856, and our email address is future@iupui.edu.

I want to quit my job. What should I do?

You should always give at least a 2 week notice when leaving a job. Write a formal letter to your manager thanking them for the opportunities they gave you for that job, explain that you have found other opportunities you’d like to take advantage of and then remember to include your last day at the job (usually 2 weeks from giving the letter). You always want to leave every job on a good note; you never know when you might need a reference from that job.

How can I get help with application materials like my resume or cover letter?

The Office of Student Employment specializes in helping students with resumes and cover letters.  Just set up an appointment with one of our advisors and we can help you create these documents.

What if I have never made a resume before?

Our office specializes in assisting students develop their very first resume.  Go ahead and set up an appointment here to begin developing your first resume.  Make sure to complete this brainstorm worksheet before attending the appointment, it will help us start the developing process.

Can I include my friends as references? What about my parents?

It’s better to have more professional references such as your employers or people you may have worked well with.  Your friends or parents are not very good reference choices unless you have worked for them on a professional level and the reference would be geared towards them being your employer, not your friend or family.

What is the Student Employment Resources Guide?

An IUPUI specific outline of information tailored to IUPUI students to help begin their employment with IUPUI.

What should I do if I apply for a position, but never hear anything back?

If you have not followed up with the opportunity do so by either calling or emailing to inquire about where they are in the hiring process and to inform them of your interest in the opportunity. If you continue to apply for opportunities, follow up, and still do not hear anything. Set up a time to come into our office and we will work with you on the application process.

Am I able to apply for EIP after the deadline?

If all program slots are not filled after the program deadline, email future@iupui.edu to inquire on your opportunity for admittance into the program.

What is the difference between an appointment and a walk-in?

Appointments can be made in advance and generally last about 30 minutes. Please utilize this calendar: or call to schedule an appointment (phone number). Reasons for an appointment include developing and enhancing resume and cover letter, issues with the job search process, and interview prep.

Drop-ins are offered every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:00-4:00 pm. Drop-ins are no longer than 15 minutes. Reasons for drop-ins include resume/cover letter review, registering and using jagjobs, networking, and job search strategies.

What should I do to prepare for my appointment/walk-in, and what should I bring?

Bring any documents you would like reviewed as well as a list of questions you have.

Develop a list of questions you have may about employment and the process at IUPUI.

Does your office assist with internships?

If students are searching for major specific internship opportunities for which they plan to earn credit for. The best option for these students are to work with their individual school and career services.

What is the difference between references and recommendation letters?

A reference list is composed of contact information for individuals you have worked with, for or have known you in a professional capacity that a potential employer can contact to follow up about their experiences working with you.

A recommendation letter is a formal letter from your references that outlines specific criteria and examples of why you are qualified for an opportunity they are trying to hire for.

Who can I talk to if I am having issues with my employer?

Set up an appointment with an employment consultant to outline the issues you are currently experiencing.  Whether it be an off campus or on campus employer, we encourage you to come to our office to explore the issue and your options.  

How can tI find out what skills I possess?

Transferable skills are gained through formal courses, informal education, personal reading, social activities, professional activities, and life in general.  

Pretty much anything you are good at can be a transferable skill, such as being smart with computers: computer skills, being good at public speaking: speaking skills, being able to lead a team: leadership/teamwork skills.  Everyone has at least a few transferable skills that you have gained just through daily life.

Is there anything that I can do to better prepare for employment?

Join the EIP program! EIP can really help anyone in any type of workforce.

How do I appeal a flag or ineligibility to re-hire?

If a student is terminated for adverse reasons an appeal can be processed with IUPUI's Human Resource Administration.  Calling their main office at (317) 274-7617.

I'm a professor here at IUPUI. Can I bring my class to a workshop?

All workshops hosted by the Office of Student Employment are open to all audiences.  If you would like your class to attend a marketed workshop and want to ensure there is enough space please email Jenna Corcoran, jones254@iupui.edu to inform of your attendance.

What is the difference between training and orientation?

Orientation is an introduction to the department you will be working for, the mission and purpose of the department, and completing paperwork and accessing resources.  As well as getting familiar with the workplace. 

Training is the hands on process of learning how to do your job.  

Why are transferable skills important?

Transferable skills are important because they ensure your marketability, increase your professional competitive advantage, and ease your transition into any new role. Transferable skills are the skills that employers look for when they are interviewing you.

How do I know what types of skills employers are looking for?

A lot of times you can get a good idea of what kind of skills the employer is looking for just by what kind of job it is, the job description, or the job requirements.  

The top 10 transferable skills employers look for most are: 
Communication Skills, Learning Skills, Teamwork Skills, Computer Skills, Time Management Skills, Listening Skills, Problem-Solving Skills, Creativity Skills, Organization Skills, and  Leadership Skills

I'm always hearing about transferrable skills. What are they?

Transferable skills are those versatile skills that you can apply and make use of in a number of different roles.