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What is a resume and how is it used?

Re-su-me n. [a document that showcases relevant skills and experiences generally used to apply for jobs]

This type of application material allows for employers to see your strengths and how well you match the qualifications they are asking for compared to other candidates.

How is a curriculum vitae (CV) different from a resume?

A CV highlights educational experience, publications, research, and academic achievements. A CV is generally requested from those at the master’s and doctoral level rather than a resume.

How to customize and format your resume

In creating a resume, it is not acceptable to utilize a template. If you are developing your very first resume or if you want to enhance your current resume, consider using our resume building tip sheet. 

How to tailor your resume for specific job postings

  • Review the qualifications section of the job description
  • Consider the skills, knowledge, and abilities you possess from the list of qualifications
  • Highlight all qualifications you meet
  • Go through the job description portion before the qualifications section just to be sure you do not miss any qualifications
  • Highlight all qualifications you meet from this section as well
  • Identify what application materials are required to submit to apply for this posting
  • Compare your application materials with the list of qualifications you highlighted
  • Add qualifications you have but did not list in your application materials

 Resume Action Verbs

Research Financial Management Helping
Collected Allocated Administered Assessed
Diagnosed Analyzed Chaired Counseled
Evaluated Audited Coordinated Educated
Interviewed Budgeted Evaluated Facilitated
Investigated Calculated Executed Guided
Organized Developed Oversaw Rehabilitated





Technical Teaching Creative Communication
Designed Advised Conceptualized Addressed
Engineered Coached Established Drafted
Operated Coordinated Integrated Enlisted
Programmed Initiated Introduced Influenced
Solved Instructed Originated Promoted
Trained Persuaded Revitalized Recruited

What personal information should I exclude?

In order to comply with Office of Equal Opportunity, any information that identifies an individual that could create a bias in the final hiring decision is illegal and is not required on a resume or any application materials.

Do not include personal demographic indicators such as:

  • Age or date of birth
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Personal pictures

If you feel that you still need assistance after reviewing the resources on this page, feel free to make an appointment with our office and select the reason code: Part-Time Resume Basics/Review.