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What is a networking card?

Net-work-ing Card n. [used for similar purposes as a business card, except it highlights specific information you want to utilize to network with employers, recruiters, and other professionals]

What is the difference between a business card and a networking card?

A networking card is a personalized card not tied to a specific position you hold or a company you are a part of. These cards include personalized information and statement that an employer or potential network outside of your current job would be able to use to contact you about potential opportunities.

What to include on your networking card

  • Contact information (name, e-mail, and phone number)
  • Relevant online sites like LinkedIn, personal websites, or a blog
  • Professional summary or statement of interest

Where to use your networking card

  • Job and career fairs
  • Networking events
  • Programs and workshops

Creating your own networking card

You can create your own design or use a predesigned card through the sites below: