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What is a cover letter?

Co-ver Let-ter n. [a formal letter to introduce specific skills and experiences that an applicant possesses for a job]

This document is always submitted with a resume and is required to be tailored to the position you are applying for.

Cover Letter Discussion Points 

  • Reasons you are writing and what specifically interested you in this position
  • Ways you meet the qualifications outlined in the position description
  • Additional items needed to meet application materials (e.g., your availability, cumulative GPA)
  • Personal thank you and wrap up

To learn how to format and tailor your cover letter, consider using our tip sheet: creating and customizing cover letters.

Cover Letter Quick Tips

How to show enthusiasm in a professional tone

In many situations, utilizing exclamation points to emphasize enthusiasm or excitement is acceptable. However, in cover letters, it is best to steer clear. You can show your enthusiasm in the following ways:
  • Utilize positive connotation in your sentences by adding words like: passion, energy, devotion, joy, eagerness, excitement
  • Find ways to connect to the organization's mission if it has specific values that align with your philosophy
  • Discuss how this opportunity fits your goals and future

How to close your cover letter in a professional tone

The last portion of your cover letter should allow the reader to understand your motivations. Always thank them for considering your application materials. When requesting an interview, alternative statements can be used. For example:

Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my application materials. I look forward to connecting with you in further conversation to discuss my qualifications in depth.

How to add a digital signature (Smartphone apps)

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