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Staying Motivated

We know finding a part-time job can be challenging. You could get rejected more times than you desire, but it is important to stay motivated in your job search. Here are some general tips on how to stay motivated and on track.

Take Time to Explore Your Passion

Identify the direction you want to go in and take action to create work experiences that leave you energized and excited.

Stay Positive

While there may be times when the job search will leave you feeling frustrated, don't give in to negative feelings or let them derail you from your professional goals!

Establish a Support Team

Find others who give positive reinforcement to your efforts and offer you encouragement and suggestions. This is not the time to be around people who complain or who have a negative outlook.

Helpful Tools and Resources

Use keywords. Analyze job postings to find keywords that appear consistently in these postings. Incorporating these keywords into your resume increases the chances of your resume being selected.

Use your cover letter and resume to your advantage. Your cover letter is particularly important. Help the potential employer see that your skills and experience match what they are seeking.

Keep track of your job search. Keep track of all of the jobs your have applied for and who you have spoken with during your job search. Save it for your records as you search; you might have the opportunity to reconnect or re-apply in the future.

Personal Branding and Networking

Follow-Up and Thank You
Don't be afraid to follow up with employers after your interview. Try to send your thank-you note within 24–48 hours of your interview or meeting. The note may be handwritten on a professional thank-you note card, word-processed, or e-mailed.

Connect with School/Major/Alumni Job Boards and Networks 
Contact your alumni office, placement office at your college or university, industry associations, and professional organizations. Don't forget to read trade journals. All of these can be great resources for your job search.

Build or Enhance Your Personal Brand
Hiring managers are looking for validation of skills. Establish a professional online profile for consistent presentation of your skills and experiences on social networking pages (e.g., LinkedIn).