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Preparing for an interview is just as important as the application process. This is your chance to make a first and lasting impression on potential employers and an opportunity to show them why you would be a perfect fit for the job.

There are multiple steps you want to take before the day of your interview to best prepare. Check out the preparing for an interview handout to assist you in making sure you are prepared for the interview and to help you enhance your performance during the actual interview, as well as what to do after the interview is over.

Preparing Your Interview Questions

It is imperative that you have questions ready for the interview. Having well-thought-out questions can show how much you have considered the opportunity and just how interested you are in it. 

Make sure to review the job description and company website to help create questions. Sample questions are below:

  • In looking over the job description, I noticed this position collaborates with the planning committee. What has this relationship looked like in the past, and what are the specific expectations of this portion of the job?
  • What are your expectations of the individual who takes on this role?
  • How would you know this person is successful in the new role?
  • What are the collaborative dynamics like in this unit?

After the Interview

  • Send a thank-you letter by mail or by email:
    • By email: If your main contact was via email, this is a good step.
    • By letter: If you mail your main contact a letter, make sure you do so right after the interview to avoid a large gap between the interview and the person receiving the letter.
  • Use the three-day follow-up rule:
    • Make contact after three days to check your status.
    • Try again in three days if there is no response.
    • Move on to other opportunities if there is still no response.

Negotiation Process

With part-time jobs, it is not typical for employers to be flexible with the pay rate offer, but there are other points that you may want to discuss before accepting an offer. Consider the suggestions below:

  • Think about your options once you have been given an offer.
  • Don't forget to clarify if they will work around your school schedule since this is your first priority.
  • Be sure to discuss parking, pay-rate options, and other amenities to ensure you understand the full offer.