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No work experience to gain skills?

There are many different ways to develop skills on campus and around campus! Your college work experiences are excellent ways to enhance and to develop skills, but they are not the only way. Unpaid experiences can offer as many skills as those you are paid for. Consider some of the options below to start building your college work experience and add to your resume.

Check out all of the opportunities IUPUI offers to help you develop your skills:

  • Volunteering and community service offer opportunities to get involved with organizations short term or over a long period of time; although this is unpaid experience, it most definitely enhances and develops your skill sets.
  • Off-campus volunteer matching system offers opportunities across any city and state you are located in and matches you with opportunities based on your interests.
  • On-campus organizations and leadership programs and professional organizations are also excellent ways to get involved and to enhance your leadership skills.
  • Research opportunities are abundant on IUPUI's campus. The Center for Research and Learning is just one type of opportunity. Always take the time to talk with faculty to identify research opportunities that you may be interested in assisting with. 
  • IT training workshops and certificate programs can be very beneficial in enhancing skills in computer software such as Adobe, Microsoft, design, and even web development.
  • Consider networking more. Think outside of the box! Discuss going back to your high school to talk to other students about your college experience. This would be a great way to network and to use your public-speaking skills.
  • Take advantage of events going on NOW at IUPUI!

Currently working, but still want to gain more experience? 

What if your employer does not offer opportunities to develop all the skills you need for your future? Consider speaking with your current supervisor to let him or her know about your career goals!

  • Ask for a one-on-one meeting with your supervisor to discuss your career ambitions and how they relate to your current role.
  • Discuss the possibility of adding new responsibilities or projects to your current role.
  • Find out about other openings where you work that may be more relevant to develop the skills you desire.