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Developing transferable skills while in college will open up a world of career opportunities for your future. Take some time to research the skills you will need in your career field.  The sections below outline not only how to evaluate the skills you possess and will need for your future but also how to gain those skills while in college.

In this section, you can review the following topics:
  • What are your skills? Before you can begin to truly gain skills, it is important to know what skills you possess and how you have used them in the past. Once you have identified your skill set, how do you identify what skills are crucial for your future career? Please check out this section to learn more!
  • How do you gain experience? Now that you have identified your skills and which ones you still need, it is important to discover ways to gain these desired skills. Check out this video about transferable skills.
  • Principles of Undergraduate Learning: IUPUI is dedicated to all undergraduate students learning these principles that enhance employment marketability after graduation.

If you have specific questions about gaining skills and complementing your studies, e-mail us at future@iupui.edu to discuss your questions further!