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What is the difference between a job fair and a career fair?

At IUPUI, we host both job fairs and career fairs. For employment-related fairs outside of IUPUI, the types are interchangeable.

Job Fairs at IUPUI Career Fairs at IUPUI

Offer: Non-degree opportunities in the realm of part-time positions that offer skill development for students while they are in college.

Offer: Degree-specific opportunities in the realm of internships and full-time positions that recruiters are attempting to fill.

Attire: Business casual (some outdoor fairs can be school-appropriate attire).

Attire: AT LEAST business casual if you really want to impress a business professional.

Application materials: Bring copies of your resume.

Application materials: Bring tailored copies of your resume and cover letter for positions you are interested in and networking cards for opportunities you discover at the fair.

Preparation is key; we want to make sure you have all the resources you need to be successful. Creating an elevator speech in advance will give you confidence when you arrive to a job fair.

What is an elevator speech? How do I create an elevator speech and where should I use it?

Consider reviewing our job fair checklist with tips on how to create an elevator speech and our elevator speech worksheet.

Job Fair Follow-Up—Best Practices

  • Apply for open positions if you have not done so already
  • Follow up with each employer you spoke with

Job Fairs and Career Fairs On Campus

Check out the IUPUI Employment Events Calendar to learn more about fairs on campus that you can attend to find employment and volunteer opportunities.

Jobs Fairs and Career Fairs in the Community

In Indiana, there are opportunities to attend employment fairs outside of the university. Check out Indiana Employment Fair Calendar for more information about fairs going on near you.

If you are unsure how to best prepare for a job fair, make an appointment and select the reason code: Part-Time Job Search Strategies.