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Excellence In Professionalism

Excellence in Professionalism (EIP)

The Office of Student Employment proudly presents the IUPUI Excellence in Professionalism (EIP) series geared toward training and educating students on professionalism. This program is free, is open to all undergraduate students, and is particularly beneficial to freshmen and sophomores who are preparing to seek part-time employment while in school.

Program completion will enhance students' self-realization of their professional image, boost both skills and confidence, and provide an opportunity to gain an edge over peers in an interview setting and in acquired skill sets.

*If you are interested in one of the online workshops, please e-mail Jenna Corcoran at jones254@iupui.edu for the link, instructions, and content.
**EIP is a noncredit certificate program provided at no cost to IUPUI undergraduate students.

Who is eligible to apply?
All current IUPUI undergraduate students are eligible to apply. If you have questions about the program or your eligibility, please contact Jenna Corcoran at jones254@iupui.edu.

Program certificate requirements:

  • Complete the program orientation and requirements
  • Attend at least eight different workshops
  • Complete a postsurvey
  • Complete and submit a resume and cover letter
  • Complete a final LinkedIn profile 
  • Attend the networking ceremony
Click here to check out the list of workshop summaries

Why past EIP participants think you should participate:
"I have gotten more out of this FREE program than many of the classes that I have paid to take.” Senior studying biomedical engineering

"This program makes you think about who you are and how you handle things. The professional side of you is enhanced to make a better you." Sophomore studying social work

"To gain a mastery of various professional subjects and go above curriculum requirements." Senior studying marketing

"I would recommend this program to others because it shows through your resume that you are dedicated to developing professional skills for the workplace and that you are not just a blank slate that has no experience." Sophomore studying sociology

"Opens your eyes to how networking is everywhere!" —Senior studying biology

"Simply getting good grades in classes is not enough to make you marketable or hire-able; employers want to know that you will blend well with the company's culture, get along with coworkers, and be professional in all parts of your work. I would recommend EIP to all students . . . because it is a great soft skill development tool and provides invaluable advice for the 'real world.'" Senior studying English literature

Applications will open in July and must be completed by August 31, 2014, to ensure entrance into the program!

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