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The IUPUI Office of Student Employment welcomes invitations from faculty and staff to present on a variety of student employment related topics. By integrating the IUPUI Office of Student Employment into classes for students and professional development opportunities for student employees, our staff are able to discuss with students how meaningful, academically relevant college work experiences enhance both academic and professional growth.

As IUPUI faculty and staff, you are encouraged to direct students to our standing workshops and professional development programs, including our NEW workforce development and career readiness course—Experience in Professionalism. In addition, we encourage you to support students through their part-time job search by referring them to our office and events, including the part-time job fairs.

Presentation requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested presentation date. Requests submitted after the two week period may not be accommodated, especially during high volume times (e.g., beginning of the academic year). Below are the presentations and workshops available to request:

IUPUI Office of Student Employment Services (15 minutes)

This brief 15-minute presentation will describe the IUPUI Office of Student Employment’s mission, services, events, programs, and workshops open to all students. Students will learn how to visit the office and what to expect when working with a student employment consultant.

Skill Synergy: Identifying, Selling, and Gaining Skills (60 minutes)

This interactive and introductory workshop, which is targeted toward first- and second-year students, will focus on identifying students’ personal strengths and skill sets as well as effective strategies for marketing those traits to potential employers while in college. This workshop will also assist students in creating a basic plan to further develop experience and skills.

After this workshop, students will be able to:
  • Examine their personal skill sets and define their strengths
  • Outline traits, characteristics, and skills that are valuable to employers in their field and expected on application materials
  • Identify skills needed for their career and develop a plan for gaining skills throughout their career

Building Your Resume and Cover Letter (60 minutes)

This workshop, which is offered once a month for all IUPUI students and organized by the Office of Student Employment, is also available upon request for themed learning communities (TLCs), first-year seminars, and the Summer Bridge Program. Faculty and staff with other IUPUI affiliations are encouraged to share the monthly Building Your Resume and Cover Letter workshop dates to students. Contact us at future@iupui.edu for specific dates, times, and locations.

Whether students have created a resume or are just getting started building one, this workshop will ensure they leave with an understanding of the components of a resume as well as rules and possibilities of creating a resume to reflect their skills and talents. Cover letters will also be discussed to ensure students professionally introduce their qualifications and application materials for each job they apply to.

After this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose of a resume and cover letter
  • Outline the required sections of a resume and what to include in each section
  • Develop new content and update current content within their resume
  • Format their resume based on current trends and tips
  • Identify the three components to create a cover letter
  • Compose a tailored cover letter for specific positions


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The IUPUI Office of Student Employment may be able to accommodate special presentation topic requests that meet the scope of our office, pending staff availability. Please email us at future@iupui.edu if you would like to request a topic not listed above. Presentations on topics such as career exploration and degreed job searches should be directed to school-specific career services offices at IUPUI.