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Greetings from the Office of Student Employment! 

The mission of the Office of Student Employment is to empower students to pursue and to succeed in meaningful, academically relevant college work experiences that enhance both academic and professional growth. For our office, it's all about Learning While Earning. 

The Learning While Earning motto empowers IUPUI students to create a personal and effective strategy to be the best collegiate student they can be while developing transferable skills and to mold themselves into their ideal vision of a professional upon graduation. The primary way our office puts the Learning While Earning motto into action is by partnering with IUPUI departments and Indianapolis-area businesses and organizations.

Did you know . . .

Students who work part time on campus are more likely to have a higher GPA! Students who work are more organized and can prioritize their responsibilities better. A part-time job can also help with the financial investment of their education. What better way to help students gain skills and pay for their education than by working a part-time job during their college career. 

As an IUPUI faculty or staff member, you play a vital role in improving the future employability of students by offering them part-time positions during their college careers as well as guiding them in their career development through their classroom experiences. Visit our Research on Student Employment page for other data at both the national and institutional level.

What We Do

The Office of Student Employment helps students during their college life by training them on career-related topics, developing and refining their resumes and cover letters for a part-time job search, and assisting them in exploring part-time positions.  Our individual student services and programs/events are designed to provide students with timely information on these topics. Additionally, our employer services motivate both campus and community employers to create the meaningful work experiences students desire.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can become involved with our office to better serve the needs of IUPUI students. As an IUPUI faculty or staff member, you have contact with groups of students that may not understand the value of working or how important it is to complement their academics with practical experience to better prepare them for the world of work. Below are a few ways you can partner with us to support students:

  • Request a time for us to visit your class and deliver a presentation on topics ranging from an overview of our services to transferable skills. 
  • Refer a student to meet with us individually through an appointment or drop-in services. 
  • Hire students in your own department so you directly have an impact on their future through mentoring and directly providing them with valuable work experiences. Our Campus Employer section of our website guides you every step of the way through the hiring process.
  • Encourage your colleagues on campus and in the community to post available student jobs at IUPUITalent.net, which is the employer-portal to make all available positions (part-time, full-time, internships, etc.) available to IUPUI students and alumn.
  • Encourage students to look at available part-time positions through JagJobs, IUPUI's online resource for students to research and apply for work experiences.
  • Encourage students to participate in our Experience in Professionalism (EIP) Program, which is a professional development program including a series of workshops presented primarily by community employers and experiential learning requirements.
  • Nominate your current student employees for the IUPUI Student Employee of the Month and IUPUI Student Employee of the Year Awards!


We are always open to discussing other partnership opportunities, so please contact us today at future@iupui.edu.