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The Professional Image Project is a casual event structured like an information fair, showcasing topics related to professionalism and career development, as well as advertising part-time openings available at Indianapolis companies. Human resources professionals volunteer to serve as a resource for one of the topics below. They are encouraged to bring information about their companies to advertise to students.

  • Financial literacy
  • Five-minute resume
  • Interviewing and handshake
  • Job fair prep
  • Job search strategies
  • Networking
  • Online image
  • Personal appearance
  • Professional appearance (tying a tie)


The Professional Image Project is held twice a year in the IUPUI Campus Center atrium—once as part of IUPUI’s Fall Career Week in October and once as part of National Student Employee Appreciation (NSEA) Week in April. If you are interested in participating on either of these dates, please contact the Office of Student Employment (future@iupui.edu).