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Community Work-Study (CWS) Processing

CWS agencies should collect all employment applications, invite IUPUI students to interview for positions, and make final position offers. Approved agencies should post their open positions via IUPUITalent.net.

Employer Reminders

  • Ask student employees, either new or continuing, to submit their financial aid notification (FAN) letter before processing hiring documents for the academic year to verify their work-study status. The FAN letter will show you if there is an award for the academic term. Students can use this tutorial to guide them to their FAN letters.
  • Make sure to inform the student how your department is listed in IUPUITalent/JagJobs databases.
  • Communicate to the student who his or her direct supervisor will be and how to best contact the supervisor (e.g., email address or phone number).
  • Keep in mind that the supervisor should be the staff person who supervises student workers and time sheets. Feel free to start using our new job description template form to keep your student position information up to date within your area.

Eligibility Date Reminders

Students can use their academic year 2015–2016 Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program funds from May 8, 2016, to August 13, 2016. Students should work no more than 29 hours per week. Students may earn toward their summer academic year 2016–2017 FWS award starting on August 14, 2016.

Student FWS Award Notification

All students will be sent an email to their IUPUI email address notifying them that they have a FWS award that can be connected to the position that they have been offered. All employers should access IUPUI work-study processing pages via an account set up at IUPUITalent.net. If you do not have the appropriate access, please email fwsjobs@iupui.edu to troubleshoot your access issues.

Connecting IUPUI Work-Study Funds to the Community Work-Study Position

When students receive an email notification via their IUPUI email address, the students need to initiate the work-study processing by submitting their FWS authorization form via JagJobs. See the full community work-study hiring timeline for more details regarding the full process.

  • Employers should access the form by logging in via their IUPUITalent page and then using the Jump To drop-down menu at the top of the home page to toggle to the University College/Student Employment area to find the IUPUI Work-Study tab.
  • Supervisors will submit the contact information of the payroll officer via their portion of the form.
  • CWS agencies should list CWS as the eDoc initiator and cwsjobs@iupui.edu as the contact email for the eDoc initiator.
  • The Office of Student Employment will receive an email notification once the supervisor has completed his or her form in full. The student will receive an email with the remaining steps to guide him or her forward in processing.

Background Checks and Community Work-Study Orientation

The Office of Student Employment is responsible for processing all university hiring paperwork for students participating in the community work-study program. Upon receiving the supervisor portion of the authorization form, our office will notify the student of the remaining steps needed to connect their funds.

If a student does not have a current background check and I-9 verification form on file, new online forms must be completed. The student will be required to attend an I-9 verification appointment with the Office of Student Employment before he or she can begin working.

Employers can use the following background check form for students to submit to the Office of Student Employment: background check consent form. Forms can be signed, scanned, and emailed to fwsjobs@iupui.edu or faxed to 317-278-7588.

I-9 Verification Appointments

I-9 appointments can be scheduled via the CWS Online Orientation Survey. If students are not available during the appointment hours listed, they should email fwsjobs@iupui.edu and provide a date and time when they can complete the appointment with the Office of Student Employment.


Students should receive an I-9 appointment confirmation email from the Office of Student Employment before attending the I-9 session. During the session, students complete I-9 paperwork, review CWS program updates for the academic term, and can ask any questions about CWS, time sheets, direct deposit, etc. If there are pending steps, students will walk away with an understanding of what is needed to finalize their paperwork.

Official Identification Documents Required

Students should bring official pieces of identification to this appointment. No photocopies will be accepted. If students do not have the proper identification upon arrival at the I-9 verification appointment, they will need to reschedule for a new appointment by emailing fwsjobs@iupui.edu.


Acceptable identification documents: photo ID*, birth certificate, U.S. passport, U.S. resident card, Social Security card
*most commonly used combination of official documents

Effective Hire Notification

An effective hire email notification will be sent to the supervisor and student one business day after the student has attended the I-9 verification appointment. Students should not start earning FWS funds within their community work-study position until after their effective hire email is sent from the Office of Student Employment.

If a work schedule has not been set up, this would be the most appropriate time to do so. If students experience delays or technical issues when connecting work-study funds for the term, please email fwsjobs@iupui.edu.

This email will provide the date in which the student's funds were connected to the position to begin earning for the academic term and will be sent to both the student and supervisor.

For questions about work-study award amounts, students should contact the Office of Student Financial Services at finaid@iupui.edu.

For questions about processing eDocs, FWS job postings, or authorization forms for the IUPUI Work-Study Program, community employers can email cwsjobs@iupui.edu.

Work-Study Processing Tools and Resources