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We encourage Indianapolis companies to show appreciation for student employees. Often this requires acknowledging their dual roles as student and employee. This is critical to maintaining their active engagement within their positions. Engaged student employees not only perform beyond our expectations but also demonstrate an emotional connection to their work and serve as ambassadors to their peers. Supervisors and employers have unlimited opportunities to tap into these aspects of student employee engagement. 

The Office of Student Employment coordinates several programs that offer Indianapolis companies the opportunity to appreciate student employees. In this section you will find information on how to engage them and who to appreciate them through the following:

  • IUPUI’s Student Employee of the Month program. Any IUPUI student currently employed is eligible to be nominated for this award. Students are awarded a small prize and given recognition on our website and social media.
  • IUPUI’s Student Employee of the Year program. Nominations for this award open in the beginning of the spring semester. We will select one on-campus student employee winner and one off-campus student employee winner. 
  • National Student Employee Appreciation Week—This vibrant and engaging week offers events and programs designed to showcase appreciation for IUPUI students who work while attending classes.