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Employers participating in the IUPUI Work-Study program must adhere to the policies below:

Work-Study Award Limit and Earnings 
  • I will work with my student to monitor the balance of my student’s work-study award so that it will not exceed the total award limit for this eligibility period.
  • I understand that my department/agency will be 100% responsible for any amount earned over the student’s award limit.

Work Hours, Kuali TIME System, and Supervision
  • I will not schedule this student for more than 29 hours per week; I understand work-study funds will not cover any overtime.
  • I understand that work-study students must be supervised by on-site staff and that they cannot work from home.
  • I will review, edit, and approve student time sheets online in TIME according to the biweekly payroll schedule.

Program Expectations and Communication
  • I understand that work-study student employees cannot displace any current employees. If work-study students are suspected to be replacing employees, the department/agency may lose the ability to hire work-study students in the future.
  • I will work together with my student employee to determine scheduling needs and work-study award usage.
  • In the rare event that a student receives an additional financial aid scholarship or grant, I understand their work-study award may be reduced and I may be responsible for paying an additional portion of their earnings.

If you have questions about student guidelines for the IUPUI Work-Study Program, please e-mail fwsjobs@iupui.edu