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On-campus departments collect employment applications, invite IUPUI students to interview for positions for final selection, and process background checks and I-9 verification forms to hire students.

We encourage employers who want to hire students with work-study funds to request that students provide confirmation of a Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program award during the interview to verify they have received a FWS award for the current term. Students can learn how to print their financial aid notification page as verification by using this print your financial aid notification tutorial. For more information on how to recruit IUPUI student employees, please visit our Recruiting Students page.

Step-by-Step On-Campus Processing

At the beginning of each academic term or summer, departments should not only verify that their current student employees and new hires have an FWS award but should also follow the instructions below to connect students' awards to their positions:

1. Request that your student submit an online work-study authorization form. Students will have to initiate the authorization process by submitting their form. Students can find the FWS online authorization database by logging in to their JagJobs.org account. The student will need the supervisor's email address to submit the form. Please make sure the student is aware of the appropriate person to list as supervisor.

2. Upon the student's submission of the form, the supervisor will receive an email notification to review the request. If the supervisor doesn't have an account with the new IUPUITalent system, he or she should register for an account by visiting IUPUITalent.net.

3. Upon the supervisor's submission, the payroll processor will receive a notification to create the eDoc for the student. Once the authorization form AND the eDoc are submitted, the Office of Student Employment will process the form to connect the FWS funds to the position. We identify the payroll processor as the staff person who will process the hire eDocs for your student employees.

4. Payroll processors should confirm and finalize required hiring verification documents (background check form and I-9 form) before submitting eDocs. See background check consent form (updated May 2017).

5. Create an HRMS document to hire student. For more detailed instructions on how to submit the appropriate HRMS eDoc, please use the 2016–2017 FWS eDoc instructions document.

Roles in Processing and Notifications

  • Employers should access the form by logging in via their IUPUITalent.net page and then using the Jump To drop-down menu at the top of the home page to toggle to Office of Student Employment to find the IUPUI Work-Study tab.
  • Supervisors will submit the contact information of the payroll officer via their portion of the form. For work-study purposes, we define payroll officer as staff who submit HRMS hire eDocs for students.
  • Payroll officers will receive email notifications with links to guide them to approve the position details. These notifications will be processed overnight rather than being sent immediately to payroll officers. Their email is set up to give a cumulative list of pending requests in their queue. They will continue to receive notification emails as long as there are pending requests in their queue.

Processing Time

It may take up to five business days to process a request once the supervisor submits his or her portion of the form. An email notification will be sent to students to let them know that their funds have been approved and connected. All parties can always reference their IUPUI Work-Study tab to confirm whether or not the funds have been connected.

Work-Study Processing Tools and Resources