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On-campus supervisors of student employees have a variety of responsibilities, in addition to their regular job duties, when those extend beyond supervision. Supervisors and departments should ensure they are familiar and remain in compliance with the information on the below pages:

Understand and Create a Holistic Student Employment Experience

Student employment, which includes traditional human resources functions and processes, also incorporates unique elements and experiences for both the employer and the student. Many future and current student employees may have never worked before or gone through a hiring process. Other student employees may come with work experience in service sectors, making an on-campus or off-campus job in a professional environment an entirely new experience. Other students may have diverse employment experiences and broad skill sets.

Employing IUPUI students can be organized into phases to ensure an intentional and sustainable experience. The below image illustrates the full cycle and process of employing IUPUI students, while also highlighting that employing students is an ongoing process of learning, communicating, and engaging, which occur throughout each phase.

This website is organized to guide you through the following phases, which are the responsibility of the employing department and supervisor:

Resources to Help You Get Started

The IUPUI Office of Student Employment is your partner to guide you through the process of employing students and to ensure a meaningful, academically relevant work experience for the students. Take advantage of our services for departments and supervisors, as well as JAGUAR Supervisor Training Program and brown bag workshops. Services can be leveraged by contacting us at 317-274-4856 or future@iupui.edu.

  • This student employment action plan can help guide you through each phase of the cycle and map out your action plan for ensuring an intentional and meaningful experience for you and your student employees.

  • Once you’ve begun your action plan, utilize our student employment planning document to operationalize it and to guide essential student employment activities. The document, while tailored for on-campus departments, can be customized and tailored to your unique department and organizational needs.