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Student employment at IUPUI and the processes required to ensure meaningful experiences for IUPUI students is decentralized in nature, making it important for staff and faculty to understand the essential roles, responsibilities, and departments involved.

Campus Employer Roles

Supervisor: This role is defined as the IUPUI staff or faculty member who the student employee reports to within a department during every shift and who approves the student’s time sheet. Each student employee should have a specific person he or she understands is his or her supervisor, even if the student works with and may report work progress to other staff or faculty members. This individual supervises the work of the student employee in addition to providing regular performance feedback. Importantly, this individual also upholds IU policies regarding student employment and is responsible for remaining in compliance with those policies.

eDoc/Payroll Processor:
This role is defined as the staff HRMS eDoc processor within the employing department who plays the important role of ensuring the student’s background check, I-9, and other human resources-related paperwork is complete in accordance with IU/IUPUI policies. In some departments, this individual also serves as the supervisor while in others, eDoc processing and other human resources-related processes may be separate roles.

Campus Employer Support Offices

IUPUI Office of Student Employment: This office provides services and programs to supervisors, departments, and students in order to maximize the impact of student employment. Responsibilities of this office include:
  • Delivering job search services to students
  • Managing the job posting system for on-campus student employment positions, JagJobs
  • Guiding supervisors and departments through the job posting process
  • Obtaining and reviewing job descriptions for student employment positions across campus
  • Processing Federal Work-Study Program authorization forms and award adjustments

Services for on-campus employers include coaching, consulting, and training on:

  • Recruiting, hiring, orienting, and training student employees
  • Planning, budgeting, and creating academically relevant positions
  • Leveraging and navigating the Federal Work-Study Program and process
  • Supervising, engaging, and managing student employees

IUPUI Human Resources Administration: This department coordinates with departmental human resource professionals and eDoc processors to:

  • Ensure compliance with IU human resource policies and procedures
  • Manage campuswide background check procedures
  • Troubleshoot HRMS, GIS, and other systems questions
  • Address escalated issues regarding compensation, policies, and employee relations

Questions can be addressed to hra@iupui.edu. Please visit the Human Resources Administration website for more information.

IUPUI Payroll: This department manages payroll processes and services for the campus. Please direct any payroll questions to payroll@iupui.edu.

IUPUI Office of Student Financial Services: This department coordinates with the Office of Student Employment on Federal Work-Study Program planning and implementation, including:

  • Determining student eligibility for work-study awards
  • Confirming work-study award amounts
  • Placing work-study awards on students’ financial aid packages
  • Helping students with all financial-aid-related questions
  • Assisting students in completing FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online

Please visit the Office of Student Financial Services website for more information.

IUPUI Office of Academic Affairs (Faculty Appointments and Advancement):
This office coordinates graduate student hiring processes at IUPUI, including:
  • Processing all graduate work-study student positions that are paid monthly rather than biweekly
  • Processing graduate assistant, associate instructor, graduate research assistant, and graduate faculty assistant positions offered by academic schools or departments at IUPUI
  • Training and guidance on eDocs for the positions listed above and other academic appointments

Questions can be addressed to ofaa@iupui.edu. Please visit the Office of Academic Affairs website for more information.

IUPUI Office of International Affairs: This office supports IUPUI’s international students and provides information to departments regarding:

  • Hiring international students in your department
  • International student immigration regulations, including full-time enrollment and work authorization
  • Needs and special issues that may arise when working with international students
  • Cross-cultural communication training
Please visit the Office of International Affairs website for more information.