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Through working with supervisors and hiring managers from on-campus departments and employers in the community, the Office of Student Employment recognizes excellent practices being used in employing and supervising IUPUI students. The practices and models below can be utilized as is or be adapted to meet the needs of your own department or organization to best support learning experiences for students. 

  • The IUPUI Center for Research and Learning conducted a survey of their student employees on the top three Principles of Undergraduate Learning (PULs) they'd like to develop during their student employment experience. The exercise not only encouraged student employee self-reflection on connecting work to academics but will also aid the department with training and professional development activities to ensure students receive a meaningful experience. 

  • The IUPUI Campus Center established the Campus Center Director’s Honor Roll as a way to recognize student staff members who are excelling academically. Those students who achieve a semester GPA of 3.5 or above are named to the Director’s Honor Roll and are recognized at our all-staff training session at the start of the following semester. They receive a certificate, and the honor roll will soon be displayed on a poster in the Campus Center staff lounge area. This is one example of acknowledging student employee work-life-school balance and reinforcing academic performance. 

  • The IUPUI Campus Center recognized that many of their current student staff members have siblings who are current and former staff members. As a recognition and engagement activity, they brought the group of eight "legacies" together for a photo and creation of a story highlighting their student employment experiences. Read the full article about the Campus Center's legacies here.    

  • University College Academic and Career Development created a position and policy manual for their Peer Assistant Program that details roles, responsibilities, expectations, and departmental policies and procedures, as well as detailed departmental and college-level organizational information. This manual can be utilized to identify ways in which position information can be communicated to student employees and to identify department-specific policies and procedures that may be useful to implement.   


Do you have practice in place that other departments or organizations could leverage to bring meaningful, academically relevant work experiences to student employees? Contact us at 317-274-4856 or future@iupui.edu.