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The number one way IUPUI departments recruit student employees is by posting positions on IUPUITalent for students to access through JagJobs, which is an expectation for all departments in order to provide equal opportunity for all IUPUI students.

In addition to posting the job, departments are encouraged to leverage other strategies in order to attract qualified student candidates to apply. Many times, a job posting is sufficient to market an opportunity to students and may receive a strong number of applications. As employers, however, departments should treat the search for a student employee as critical to the department’s operations similar to any other position. This can require traditional recruitment strategies and creative means to reach qualified students.

Utilize the below list to recruit qualified student employees:

  • Attend the Part-Time Job Fair. Sponsored by the Office of Student Employment, the IUPUI Part-Time Job Fair is held in the spring and fall semesters. Click here for more information. Over 1,400 students attend this signature event in the fall during IUPUI’s Weeks of Welcome.
  • Ask your current student employees to spread the word about the position. Not only will this empower them, but their skill sets can also grow by participating in the process. They may even have contacts in their own networks who are interested.
  • Engage with IUPUI’s over 300 student clubs and organizations. Many will be able to disseminate the opportunities to their membership.
  • Post job opportunities on your departmental or school social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Send us an email at future@iupui.edu, and we will post the position on our departmental social media pages.
  • Attend campus events that aren’t job or career fairs to reach out to students.
  • Arrange an information table in the Campus Center to recruit students.
  • Revisit applications from previous candidates if you have posted the same position or similar ones in the past.
  • Contact the career services office or professional specific to your school if one is available, as well as our office.
  • Spread the word about the opportunity to faculty and staff within your college or department.

Recruitment Policies

As an on-campus employer, you are responsible for understanding and remaining in accordance with the Office of Student Employment’s recruitment policies and Indiana University policies, as well as embracing the Principles for Professional Practice, established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).