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Both on- and off-campus employers looking to hire IUPUI students maximize their recruitment efforts and exposure to students by posting jobs and internships at IUPUITalent.net, which is the employer “welcome mat” for recruiting talented IUPUI students for part-time, internship, and full-time employment opportunities. Click here to access the Campus Employer Guide for IUPUITalent.net which includes step-by-step posting instructions.

Why post in IUPUITalent.net?

  • Posting in IUPUITalent is free.
  • Posting in IUPUITalent ensures employment opportunities are made widely available to the IUPUI student body.
  • When posting positions, IUPUITalent allows you to target the posting to students of a particular major and/or class standing, as well as set a GPA requirement, which will allow only the students who meet your criteria to apply.
  • Indicate what documents are either preferred or required for students to apply, including resume, cover letter, writing sample, references, unofficial transcript, and more.
  • As students apply, all application materials are housed within the system for you to easily access at any time. You’ll be notified when students apply, either as each application is submitted or upon the job posting closing per the end date that you set.
  • Over 30,000 IUPUI students and alumni have exclusive access to view and apply for the positions.

When you post your position at IUPUITalent.net, students and alumni can access those opportunities from a variety of points, depending on their academic programs. For example, all students can access positions posted in IUPUITalent through JagJobs.org, which is managed by the IUPUI Office of Student Employment. Specific schools have their own focused entry points for students to view jobs, such as KelleyCareers for students in the Kelley School of Business.

What to Include in Your Job Posting

A job description, which is focused on capturing the essential roles and responsibilities of a position, should differ from a job posting, which will include specific information to attract candidates. In addition, a job posting serves as a navigational tool to guide students through the application process. To maximize your job posting, use our job description form for hourly and work-study positions and be sure to include the following information:

  • Job Title: Position titles should describe the main role(s), functions, and responsibilities of the position rather than simply a functional area (i.e., IT support), funding source (i.e., work-study student), or vague titles (i.e., student worker). For examples of acceptable and unacceptable job titles, please visit our page on Types of Student Employees and Positions.
  • Work Schedule: Include in your posting either an expected amount of hours to be worked per week or specific day needs.
  • Wage/Salary: Wages should at least meet the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hour for off-campus part-time jobs or the IU minimum wage of $10.15/hour for on-campus jobs (click here for a recommended wage scale).
  • Job Description: The job description section of the job posting should outline specific duties and responsibilities of the position and should be more than a few lines of text. This section should include main functions of the position, as well as specific projects and tasks, preferably categorized with percentages assigned to each category. Please utilize our job description form and save a copy for your records to guide you through the process of creating a job description and visit our page on Creating Academically Relevant Positions for additional guidance.
  • Brief Overview of Organization or Department: This information may be included in the job description section of the job posting to provide students with an overview of the department or organization and a link to your website.
  • Qualifications: The qualifications section of the job posting will help students understand whether or not they meet the requirements and preferences of candidates you are interested in. Including specific criteria in this section will also increase the quality of applicants who apply for your position. Include both required and desired qualifications in this section, specific to education and experience, as well as knowledge, skills, and abilities. You may also include specific GPA, schedule, and course work requirements or preferences, in addition to ensuring students interested in specific career paths express interest in the position. Visit our page on Creating Academically Relevant Positions for additional guidance.
  • Application Instructions: When posting a job, multiple options are available to collect student applications based on your preferences. This can include directing students to submit a cover letter, resume, references, portfolio, or writing sample. You should also detail how materials should be submitted for the job (e.g., through JagJobs, direct e-mail, online link).

Job Posting Tips

  • Position Type Selection: When posting the position on IUPUITalent.net, you will be asked to select from a variety of fields to categorize the position. IUPUI departments should:
    Select IUPUI Jobs On-Campus when posting a student temporary position only (open to all IUPUI students).
    Select IUPUI Approved Work-Study when posting a position only available to students with Federal Work-Study Program awards.
    Select both IUPUI Jobs On-Campus and IUPUI Approved Work-Study if the position is open to both students with and without Federal Work-Study Program awards.

  • Work-Study Confirmation: For postings to recruit students with a Federal Work-Study Program award, please add the following statement within the posting qualifications:

    This position is limited to candidates with a Federal Work-Study award. To verify you have a Federal Work-Study award, please go to your One.IU.edu Account, Student Center, Financial Aid Summary. If you have an award, it will be listed with the rest of your financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships, etc.). This video also directs you to the correct screen: http://youtu.be/eCJlPBnUqOg You may also email the Office of Student Financial Services at finaid@iupui.edu to inquire about eligibility.

Looking to Fill Full-Time Jobs?

While the Office of Student Employment connects students to part-time employment experiences, posting your full-time positions in IUPUITalent will still make those opportunities available to graduating students and alumni. Be sure to visit the IUPUI Career Services website for full-time job recruitment opportunities.

Recruitment Policies

As an on-campus or off-campus employer partner, you are responsible for understanding and remaining in accordance with the Office of Student Employment’s recruitment policies, as well as embracing the Principles for Professional Practice established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).