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While hiring may differ vastly between organizations, the overarching steps involved should be applicable to both on- and off-campus employers. IUPUI departments and supervisors should use the processes below to maximize communication, both internally and with your new student employees, and streamline the hiring process. Please keep in mind that the hiring process may take one to three or more weeks to complete before a student may begin working, depending on processing time. Therefore, it is critical for supervisors to coordinate closely with their departmental payroll processors. Once you have selected the student(s) you will be hiring, follow the below steps:

Make an Offer  

Generally completed by the supervisor or hiring manager, the offer process “seals the deal,” so to speak, and clarifies expectations. Making an offer of employment to a student may involve both a phone call, followed by a written e-mail. In this step, the following should be done:   

  • Verify the student is still interested in the position and indicate your invitation to join the team. 
  • Congratulate the student and provide next steps.
  • Ensure the student knows and has in writing the expectations of the hiring process, as well as the steps involved. 
  • Provide the student an estimated time frame for the hiring process to be completed before his or her start date. 

Click here for a sample student employment offer letter for temporary positions.

Click here for a sample student employment offer letter for temporary positions, including a statement on connecting a student's Federal Work-Study funds to the position.

It is critical to highlight, at this point, the process of new employee orientation and when onboarding really begins. Students will begin solidifying their vision of themselves in their new roles and what success in their positions may look like. The more support and clear communication provided to students, the better to set them up for success and for exceeding your expectations, as well as establishing yourself as the employer/supervisor.

Background Check Process

Per the IU Background Check policies, all new temporary employees must have a background check completed as a condition of employment. International students may not necessarily require a background check for a temporary position. Refer to the IU Background Check policies for guidance.

At IUPUI, the background check process is managed by Human Resources Administration and facilitated by departmental payroll processors, who are integral to the entire hiring process. Generally speaking, the supervisor or hiring manager provides the student with the documents to initiate the background check process, in conjunction with the departmental payroll processor. It is critical to follow university procedures located at this link, which include:

Students will need to complete and submit the documents either to the payroll processor directly or to the supervisor, who will provide the documents to the payroll processor.

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

Once the background check process has been completed and the student has been determined to meet the standards of the university, departmental payroll processors will complete the process of verifying the student’s eligibility to work in the United States. This process involves verification of identification documents, which are determined by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and can be found on page nine of this document.

Supervisors should notify students early that they will need the acceptable documents as part of the hiring process to expedite hiring, as many students may not have the required documents with them on campus.

Federal Work-Study Authorization (for work-study positions only)

If you are hiring a student with Federal Work-Study Program funds, those funds will need to be connected to the position through the authorization process. The basic steps involved in the authorization process include:

  1. Students initiate the authorization form through their IUPUI JagJobs.org account, which will trigger an e-mail to the supervisor listed on the form.
  2. Supervisors will review the student's portion and submit their own portion of the form through their IUPUITalent.net account, which will trigger an e-mail to the departmental payroll processor listed on the form.
  3. Payroll processors will be notified when steps 1 and 2 are complete to continue moving on in the final steps of the hiring process.

Resources for connecting student's funds to the position:

HRMS System and eDocs

Payroll processors will utilize IUPUI’s Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to create the necessary eDocs, which are the university’s form of employee data required to facilitate employment processes. Included in eDocs are dates of employment, position numbers, salary grades, and employee class. The completion of eDocs also initiate the student’s time sheet being created, which must be done before the student can begin working on campus.

Consult with Human Resources Administration if you have questions or need additional guidance on HRMS and eDocs. See our Academic Year eDoc Instructions for information on work-study hiring if the student will be in a work-study position.     

A student may begin working only after the above steps have been completed and the student is able to clock in through the Kuali TIME system. Supervisors should verify the student is able to begin working with their departmental payroll processor.

Departmental-Specific Hiring Paperwork

IUPUI departments may have additional paperwork the student must complete or review before working as part of the hiring process. Such paperwork may include:


  • Work-Study Questions: Questions about hiring students in a work-study position may be answered at this page and can be directed to fwsjobs@iupui.edu.
  • General Questions: General student employment hiring questions can be directed to us at 317-274-4856 or future@iupui.edu.
  • Background Checks/I-9/eDoc Questions: Questions regarding background checks, I-9 verification, and eDocs should be directed to IUPUI Human Resources Administration at 317-274-7671 or hra@iupui.edu.
  • TIME/Payroll Questions: Questions regarding TIME, payroll, and adjustment vouchers should be directed to IUPUI Payroll at 317-274-3919 or payroll@iupui.edu.