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Whether you’re new to employing IUPUI students, looking for a refresher, or evaluating existing positions and processes, this is a great place to start! You might also find revisiting this page when a student employee departs is useful to inform future position and program improvements, using the opportunity as a learning experience.    

Future sections of our website dive deeper into the hiring process and supervision essentials, while this page provides you questions to consider before going further in creating a student employment position. 

Intentional Planning Considerations

  • What is the main purpose for your interest in employing IUPUI students? Is it to accomplish work, provide a learning opportunity, or both? Is it to infuse a student perspective in the work of your department?
  • What are the specific tasks or projects you have for the student to work on? Are those ongoing or short term? 
  • How many student employees will you need to accomplish the tasks or projects? How many hours a week do you estimate being needed to accomplish the responsibilities? 
  • If you have existing student employees, when are they planning on graduating or pursuing other opportunities? 
  • If you have existing positions, do they meet your department's needs or could they be reworked to give current student employees more responsibility? 
  • What are all of the phases of student employment in your department, starting and ending with these planning considerations?  
  • What are the timelines you need in place to guide each phase?
  • What federal, state, local, and university policies and regulations impact your student employees?
  • How can you ensure your student positions/program is an ongoing process of learning, communication, and engagement?

The key for supervisors and employers hiring students is to maximize learning and skill development. Student employment, while both a privilege and imperative for supervisors and employers to accomplish goals, can and should be a highly impactful experience for students working throughout diverse positions at IUPUI and in the community. Supervisors and departments have the opportunity to shape future professionals and to serve as role models for students as they become equipped with essential knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired from both inside and outside the classroom.

Resources to Help You Get Started

  • Training opportunities facilitated by the Office of Student Employment are available to faculty, staff, and departments on all phases of student employment. Our JAGUAR Supervisor Training Program, offered once a semester, and monthly brown bag workshops guide participants and foster skill development in student employment.
  • We understand many staff, faculty, and employers learn best through hands-on guidance. Our student employment professionals are available as resources to coach you every step of the way. Start by contacting us at 317-274-4856 or future@iupui.edu.