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IU Human Resources Administration provides a performance management framework for determining the standards and expectations for an employee to be successful in a position, along with strategies for documenting performance. Using the framework and communicating feedback throughout the semester will make creating and completing an evaluation form and holding a conversation simply a recap and review.   

Click here for the comprehensive list of tools and resources to guide your performance management processes. Remember that tools and templates are best used to facilitate conversations between you, as the supervisor, and your student employee. It is also important to frame all performance conversations around learning and the student employee’s professional development. Specific links to tools and templates are below:

Information to Include—Unique to Student Employees

Your student employee may not have ever had an evaluation conducted of his or her performance or been engaged in a performance conversation. Therefore it is important to be both sensitive to his or her experience as well as clear about his or her performance. Information to include on an evaluation document and in a performance conversation includes: 

  • A recap of performance to date using specific evidence and examples of exceeding, meeting, or not meeting established expectations (remember, all of these examples should be communicated at the time they happen and be specifically described). 
  • Areas and goals for professional development and additional training to be delivered in the future (e.g., “Going into the spring semester, Chris can continue building customer service skills by . . . ").

Reflection Questions to Support Your Student Employee’s Career Development

  • What skills have you gained in your position that you feel you can use in the future?
  • What are your greatest strengths in this position and how do you think you could use those to work toward your career goal?
  • What knowledge, skills, or abilities from your classes have you been able to use in this position (and vice versa)?
  • How might you talk about your experience here in a future job interview?
  • What Principles of Undergraduate Learning do you feel you have demonstrated or developed in your position so far (e.g., core communication and quantitative skills; critical thinking; integration and application of knowledge; intellectual depth, breadth, and adaptiveness; understanding society and culture; values and ethics)?

Evaluation Considerations

  • Who should be involved in giving feedback for the evaluation?
  • Should there be both an evaluation conducted by the supervisor and a self-evaluation conducted by the student employee?
  • When will the evaluation form and conversation be held (e.g., midterm, end of semester, both)?
  • What tools and systems exist for you to leverage to make the process simpler?
  • After an evaluation and performance conversation is held, what could you, as the supervisor, improve about the process for the future? Would it be helpful to have another conversation with your student employee following the evaluation?

Additional Tools and Resources