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IU Human Resources Administration provides a framework that can be used to guide your department's entire performance management process, including determining the standards and expectations for an employee to be successful in a position, along with strategies for documenting performance. Using the framework and communicating feedback throughout the semester will ensure that a mid-semester or an end-of-semester review is just that—a review of performance to date and a plan for the future. Click here for the comprehensive list of tools and resources to guide your performance management process. Remember that tools and templates are best used to facilitate conversations between you, as the supervisor, and your student employee to maximize his or her potential and learning experience.

Throughout this section, you will find:

To understand how this phase of student employment connects to the whole student employment experience, please visit the How Do I Get Started page.

IUPUI departments, supervisors, and staff are invited to request services for assistance with this phase of student employment. Click here for an overview of our on-campus employer services.