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Campus Employers


Greetings from the Office of Student Employment! The mission of the Office of Student Employment is to empower students to pursue and to succeed in meaningful, academically relevant college work experiences that enhance both academic and professional growth. For our office, it's all about Learning While Earning. 

The Learning While Earning motto empowers IUPUI students to create a personal and effective strategy to be the best collegiate student they can be while developing transferable skills and to mold themselves into their ideal vision of a professional upon graduation. The primary way our office puts the Learning While Earning motto into action is by partnering with IUPUI departments and Indianapolis-area businesses and organizations. Through partnerships with you, the employers, we can create mutually beneficial experiences for you and IUPUI students.

By hovering over the Campus Employers tab, you’ll see our website is structured in a developmental sequence to guide you through recommendations and opportunities for each phase of student employment. Our website is a free resource available to you, but our employer services do not stop there.

Services for On-Campus Employers

IUPUI departments, supervisors, and payroll processors have the unique privilege of supporting students as employees and employees as students. Through providing meaningful employment opportunities for students, departments can complement students’ academic studies with real-world work experience and help shape our future graduates’ careers. The Office of Student Employment serves as your partner in creating and maximizing your student employment opportunities through delivering comprehensive coaching, consulting, and training on:

  • Recruiting, hiring, orienting, and training student employees
  • Planning, budgeting, and creating academically relevant positions
  • Leveraging and navigating the Federal Work-Study Program and process
  • Supervising, engaging, and managing student employees

Click here to view the full suite of services available to IUPUI departments, supervisors, and staff; get started today by posting positions at IUPUITalent.net and by contacting us at 317-274-4856 or future@iupui.edu. 

Our Signature Events and Programs

On- and off-campus employers are invited to partner with IUPUI and the Office of Student Employment by engaging in our events and programs to connect you with top student talent at IUPUI. Our signature events and programs include: