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The Office of Student Employment proudly presents the IUPUI Experience in Professionalism (EIP)* series geared toward enhancing your professionalism through hands-on workshops and opportunities to test out your skills in professional environments.  It seeks to enhance self-realization of your professional image, boost both skills and confidence, and provide an opportunity to gain an edge over peers in an interview setting and in acquired skill sets.  This program is free and is open to all undergraduate students enrolled at IUPUI.

This program will:

  • Introduce you to the current components of professionalism that are relevant to a variety of different professional environments
  • Assist you in identifying and then strategically marketing the relevant skills you possess to potential employers and other professionals
  • Provide you with the necessary resources to create polished professional tools
  • Support you in both establishing and maintaining valuable on-campus and community networks
  • Supply you with an opportunity to shadow a company and professional in your area of interest
*EIP is a noncredit certificate program provided at no cost to IUPUI undergraduate students. Who is eligible to apply? All current IUPUI undergraduate students with a minimum GPA of 2.0 or above are eligible to apply. If you have questions about the program or your eligibility, please contact Jenna Corcoran at jones254@iupui.edu.

What IUPUI student participants are saying about this program

"I would highly recommend this program.  By presenting information from professionalism outside of IUPUI, the EIP Program gave me a glimpse into real professional cultures and provided a connecting point between things we're learning in college and how these will have to be enacted in the workplace."


"I ended up meeting a future employer at one of the EIP workshops and she asked me to interview with her for an accounting internship at her company.  In the interview, I utilized what I learned in previous EIP workshops and I made sure I had a professional online image.  The skills I learned from the program definitely helped because I ended up getting the internship!"


"I took away both an internship that began the first week of April until the first week of June, and a post-collegiate job offer beginning the first week of June."


"In summary I gained comfort.  A lot of the job search process is dependent on appearance, which can be difficult to identify rights and wrongs by yourself......  Being able to feel comfortable and know what to expect in an intimidating/high stake environment, can greatly improve your odds of performing well and securing the position."

Program requirements:

  • Complete the program orientation
  • Attend five in-session workshops and three online workshops
  • Complete and submit a resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Participate in at least one experience-based learning opportunity (e.g., employer panel, job shadow, internship, informational interview, mock interview, job fair)
  • Complete a post-program survey

Spring 2016 Tentative Workshop Schedule


Completion of the program will include:

  • A $75 stipend transferred to your bursar account
  • A professional packet (worth over $50) that includes: IUPUI pad-folio, resume paper, stylus pen, and thank you cards
  • An appreciation event (open to all participants)

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Applications Close February 12th for Spring 2016 Participation