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Course Information:

UCOL-U 210 Career Connections (section #13879)

The Office of Student Employment proudly presents a 1 credit hour course called IUPUI Experience in Professionalism (EIP). This course meets the second eight weeks of the fall, spring, and summer semesters and focuses on workforce development and career readiness through hands-on workshops and opportunities for students to test their skills in professional environments. Students will be able to enhance the self-realization of their professional image, boost both skills and confidence, and have an opportunity to gain an edge over peers in an interview setting and in acquired skill sets.

Student Eligibility:

This course is open to all undergraduate students regardless of major or class standing. This course is highly recommended for students who have solidified a major or are concentrating on a few majors and who have taken at least 12 credit hours of undergraduate coursework. However, all students, including first-semester freshmen, are eligible to take this course. During the summer months, entering freshman are encouraged to take this course during the second summer session.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand and demonstrate current components of professionalism that fall within four key categories: self-management, workplace expectations, relationship building, and job search strategies
  • Identify and strategically market relevant skills to potential employers and professionals
  • Complete a polished resume and cover letter that outlines tailored qualifications and experiences
  • Develop a series of introductions that can be used in multiple job search settings, including career fairs, networking events, interviews, and specialized events
  • Create a professional online presence through developing and enhancing a LinkedIn profile
  • Set goals and locate resources to actively engage in opportunities that will enhance development and increase marketability upon graduation

Questions about this course should be sent to Jenna Corcoran, course instructor, at jones254@iupui.edu.